karen genoff

 BMGArt 444 South Road, Marleston, SA

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RELIQUERIES Port Market Adelaide, Hindmarsh Disposals, Garage Sales The Reliquaries series is simply an excuse to play at making the ordinary extraordinary...........after all, who really knows whether that is just a dog bone of the actual bones of Saint Mark?.the secret scared.....its all about creating a frame for that which should be revered. These 11 works were an excuse to 'play' with what I mostly found at the port market and local garage sales......etc and that cheap glass dome and lusterware did scream Vatican.I needed to play.

~This beautiful life ~

420 x 200 x 200 cms

~The lucky eye ~

300 x 200 x 200 cms






~ Give you my heart ~

80 x 80 x 300 cms


~Puccini's Time Piece ~

900 x 30 x 160  cms








~Angel ~

510 x 200 x 200 cms



~Angel heart~

250 x 150 x 150  cms







~I am yours ~

570 x 470 x 50  cms


~Swan song~

430 x 200 x 200 cms







~Every breath for you~

280 x 240 x 150 cms


~Vivaldi Cameo~

1100 x 400 x 50 cms

2014 Reliqueries ~ Watch over you 300 x 170 x 170 cms

Purchased by Art Gallery of SA