karen genoff

 BMGArt 444 South Road, Marleston, SA

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 Venetian Braille

Wrought iron, forged steel, the ornate screen that protects a private window that abuts the small street adjacent to the canal I see in the prow of a passing gondola (it snags my eye momentarily,) a code subsequently explained in the Venetian Maritime Museum......that symbol evolved over centuries and was at times rather decorative if not always functional. A piece of calligraphy which at the present has evolved as a calligraphic representative of 6 districtsthe floating city.(no doubt it will evolve again over time.) Whatever. I have constructed my own calligraphic hereout of the need to move differently for the moment and connect with metal inspired by that prow on that boat and all those metal worked beautiful rustic window screens.




(5 in the series) media: rusted, sealed mild steel dimensions: all approx. 1300 x 1100 x 10 cms