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 The Last Night in Venice

I have in my possession 12 beautiful science vials that were rescued from a school bin and given to me by a friend and they found their way into this body of work Epiphany? On the last night crossing the wooden bridge over the canal the air condenses our breath, and from the vantage point I take a photo downward .......the traghetto departs its' stop and by chance the lens captures the vortex created by the wake of the vessel it resonates with me, it stays with me, and as I search the image further I see that a piece of paper is caught under the water. I study the image and then write a poem it is the poem I think that should be on the paper submerged in the water, that is caught in the wake of the vessel passing in the night, our night. The last night in Venice.


When I had created the poem I realised what I was seeing 
and feeling was the point at which ART and SCIENCE collide: 
the beauty of our collective and final demise on this
beautiful planet.

I see in the wake of a vessel passing,
a poem discarded
in the lamp black night,
beneath the water
with its
dancing light.

all liquid turns
to vortex
a gentle stirring

all moving water
will dance
the light

every breath
a vapour
on a cold
dark night

these were all reflections
on that very last night
The Last Night in Venice.    Karen Genoff 2014



1. The Last Night in Venice media: photograph and poem dimensions: 1200 x 1700 x 10 cms


2.The Alchemy of the Evening media: photograph, text, science vials, metal, perspex, wood 3.The Anatomy of a Poem media: photographs, text, science vials, metal, perspex, wood