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Karen has had a remarkable 35 year artistic career in the spheres of both gallery based and public art.

She has enhanced South Australia's
reputation abroad as an international
ambassador for the visual arts,
representing Australia in both Christchurch
and Tokyo with her public work.

Her public art in South Australia has 
worked to preserve important aspects
of our State's heritage, including our
maritime, wartime, early settlement and
Kaurna history. Through these works she
embraces, celebrates and engages with
communities from a broad range of fields.

Over the past 12 years, Karen's solo
exhibition work has bravely and cleverly
engaged the public in her own personal 
narrative of 'home and hearth,' celebrating 
and challenging what it means to be a 
woman and an artist..

She has also had a long, acclaimed and
broadly acknowledged career as an educator,
working to ignite a passion for the 
visual arts in the young South Australians
with whom she has engaged and taught for 
over 30 years at Pembroke School.

She has also worked extensively as an 
artist herself in a broad range of schools
across the state.

(Ruby Award Catalogue 2011.)
In 2011 Karen was nominated and shortlisted
to receive a Ruby Award as an Individual for 
her 'Sustained Contribution to the Visual 
Arts in SA.'

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